Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paying Attention

SIGH. . .This is what I discovered when I walked into the living room from the kitchen after I had washed the dishes.  Pumpkin Pie was sitting in the middle of the floor, amongst all five of the other children, eating a tin of lip gloss that her sisters had received in their Easter basket.  I ask, "was anyone going to tell me about this?"  to which they all turn their heads to look.  Gummi Bear made a face and asked, "ewwww.  What is that?"  Sweet Pea screamed, because she is in this stage where she just screams at almost everything - and I mean everything (flies, bugs, a piece of hair on her shirt, her own poop, etc).  I wasn't upset, just puzzled as to what the other children thought of this.  I have narrowed it down to two ideas.  1) They really weren't paying attention, or 2) They found nothing abnormal about their baby sister eating lip gloss. 

I believe one of the most popular anthems in our home is "Pay Attention!"  I know our children are young and are still learning about things like spatial issues, but from eating to walking, talking to playing, often they have little regard to what they are actually doing.  We have a child who is old enough to know better, but will hold a fork in his hand while he uses the other to put food in his mouth.  The little ones are notorious for turning around to see if we are watching them and then walking into the wall.  Last night, as we attempted a whole family bike ride, one of the kids hit a parked car.  No worries, both he and the car are o.k. 

I guess this is simply just part of life and growing up.  Although I need to be careful.  A few days ago I was caught putting the ice cream in the microwave and the microwave lid in the freezer.  The kids were quick to yell, "Mom.  What are you doing?  You should pay attention!"  A good lesson for us all.

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  1. haha I definitely think they weren't paying attention!!! My boys are in the fun phase of sibling rivalry- Its driving me nuts!