Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Mom

I wanted to post a tribute to my mom on Mother's Day, but found it more difficult to write than I had imagined.  How do I sum up my relationship with my mom?  She is an incredible woman and caretaker.  She was an amazing wife and continues to be an amazing mother and grandmother.  If I had to use one word to describe her, it would be Rock.  She has been the glue to hold our family together from the beginning.

I am the youngest of 4 children.  I sometimes feel like I was an only child, as I am 7 years younger than my next sibling.  For years, my mom and dad would work opposite schedules, in order to take care of the family.  When I was born, my mom left her job as a nurse to stay home and raise me.  It was surely a sacrifice for both of my parents.  I have such fond memories of those years.  My mom took me everywhere with her - errands, visiting neighbors, coffee with her friends,volunteer opportunities and countless visits to my grandparents.  I feel very blessed to have been given that time with her.

Throughout my life, my mom has always stood by me.  She is usually the first person I turn to for advice or simply to ask for prayers.  In her retirement, she has become a prayer warrior for our entire family.  Being married to my dad for almost 49 years, she has also set the example of how to be a loving and supportive wife and caretaker.  When my dad passed away last year, mom was the rock that stood solid for all of us.  As much as she was grieving, she never quit being the caretaker. 

In faith, my mom was the one who taught me how to pray.  She taught each of us to turn to God first, in any situation.  I sometimes would get frustrated as a young person, when I would go to her for advice and she would ask, "have you prayed about it?"  But what I learned, is that when I begin with God, my heart is being prepared for whatever the journey holds.  My mom is very wise.

Although this has been a meek attempt to sum up the love I have for my mom, I will never be able to express fully my appreciation for her.  I feel blessed that God gave mom to me to be my mom.  So, Happy Mother's Day mom!  You are my rock and I love you very much and will hold you in my heart forever!

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