Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Day Begins. . .

A plugged toilet is a daily occurrence in our household.  Literally - every, single day, either me or Monkey Toes is having to plunge the toilet.  This morning I declared that if we ever build a house, there will be a giant hole in the bathroom for people to poop in.  Sorry if this is gross, but seriously, EVERYDAY???  As I was plunging this morning, Cucumber walked into the bathroom and said that Honey Bunches couldn't be her boyfriend anymore.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because he plugs the toilet too much."  That's understandable.

Now, onto breakfast.  I know. . .not a very appealing transition, but this was the order of our day.  Sweet Pea asked for a bowl of "Honey Bunches umb Boats."  Thinking I would be funny I repeated her order back to her.  "So you want a bowl of Honey Bunches umb Boats?"  "NO MOM.  I want Honey Bunches umb boats!"  I seriously considered continuing this conversation for awhile, but Sweet Pea definitely was not finding the humor in this. 

As the girls were eating breakfast, I was looking at each of them thinking how delicious they each looked.  I know that probably sounds like a strange word to describe them, but it's the only word that comes to mind.  They all looked so fresh having just awoken, and their chubby cheeks looked absolutely adorable that I wanted to nuzzle their heads.  I walked around the table and kissed each one and told her I loved her.  After breakfast, I had my "nuzzle" time with each.  It really was delicious!

Today is grandparents day at school.  My mom and Monkey Toes dad are attending.  I'm looking forward to hearing how the day went.  There is usually a great tale or two to be told from Grandparents Day.  Three years ago, Sweet Potato claimed that Grandparents Day was the "worse day of my entire life."  That year, the day began with a school Mass and Sweet Potato was suppose to bring up the gifts at offertory.  He missed his queue and someone else brought the gifts up instead.  Then at lunch, someone took his chair by mistake.  Being dramatic as he is, he truly believed that life could not get any worse.  Unfortunately, he recalls this incident each year.  Then last year, neither set of grandparents could attend due to physical ailments, and Honey Bunches somberly got into the van after school and said that he was the only one in his class that didn't have his grandpa or grandma there.  My heart actually felt heavy for him.  A few days later, we had an ice-cream party at our house and invited the grandparents over to have our own celebration.  It was a decent alternative.  Hopefully this year, everyone will be all smiles. 

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