Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Birthday Girls

Gummi - May 16th - 9 Years Old

Gummi's birthday fell right in the midst of my Mom's illness.  She showed so much understanding and compassion during this time, especially when we explained to her that we just couldn't celebrate like she had hoped.  She had requested chicken enchiladas for supper, but for convenience sake, we ordered pepperoni pizza.  We were able to get her the cake she wanted; ice cream cake from DQ.

Gummi received a book, a fedora and material to make her own tie-blanket and pillow.

Gummi loves to sing, play piano, do anything crafty, and help with meal prep.  She wants to learn how to sew and knit and plans to manage a lemonade stand during Labor Day weekend in our driveway.  Besides selling lemonade and cookies, she is busy making loom bracelets to sell as well, with all proceeds to benefit our Relay For Life team; Liver and Onions.  Gummi wants to be a Catholic nun and school teacher when she grows up.

Sweet Pea - June 5th - 6 Years Old

I woke up early on Sweet Pea's Birthday to make a bakery run.  I surprised her with her favorite - a chocolate frosted cake doughnut with sprinkles (of course I brought home enough for our brood).  Her requested birthday supper was grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with rice, green beans and corn.

Sweet Pea asked for a DQ cake too!

Her birthday gifts included a beach towel, a charm bracelet, a Target gift card (which she used to buy a music box), an American Girl Doll Doctor's Kit, and a fish tank with 3 fish.

Sweet Pea is a sweet girl, but also has a bit of a spunky edge.  She likes to help around the house and shows great concern when someone is hurt or sad.  She has also been known to pinch her siblings. Sweet Pea had a close relationship with my Mom.  I would often find her curled up on Mom's bed, watching T.V. or just simply visiting with her.  She randomly, yet frequently, will share that she really misses Grandma.

When Sweet Pea grows up, she wants to be a paramedic and a gymnast.

Pumpkin - July 8th - 5 Years Old

Pumpkin knows that her birthday comes after Sweet Pea's birthday.  So pretty much the day after Sweet Pea's birthday, Pumpkin has believed each day is her "special day."

We began Pumpkin's actual birthday by going shopping at Walmart to pick up a few gifts for her and to buy items for her requested birthday supper.  Surprisingly, I was able to sneak a few gift items in the cart without her noticing.

For her birthday supper, Pumpkin chose Spam and rice (Monkey said it made his Chomorro heart proud), pigs in a blanket and a tossed salad.

She chose a strawberry birthday cake with hot pink frosting and Neapolitan ice cream.

Her birthday gifts included a box of Krave cereal, a Minnie Mouse play van, 2 boxes of band aids (the girl loves her band aids!), hair binders, a wall plaque for her room, a new dress and some Build-A-Bear accessories. All the other items were regifted from her older sisters.  Since Pumpkin likes playing in their room and with their things, Gummi and Cucumber decided to put a basket together of items they no longer wanted (books, pens, a journal, chapstick, prayer cards, some jewelery, and a hat).

Pumpkin is a social bug.  She fears very little and loves making new friends.  She is looking forward to pre-school in the fall and keeps asking when we can go school shopping for supplies.  She loves sweets and salad with Italian dressing (they balance each other out, right?)  She has told people that she is gluten free.  She is not.  She enjoys mid-morning coffee breaks and skirts that twirl.

When Pumpkin grows up, she wants to be a cheerleader.

A day does not pass that I am not amazed at each of my children's individuality and uniqueness.  We have a sign that hangs above our sofa that reads, "The Family is One of God's Masterpieces."  I believe that our family is the handiwork of God.  Each member is significant and plays a role specifically designed by our Creator.  When we celebrate birthdays within our family, we try to celebrate the beautiful spirit of each person and the gift they are to not only us, but to the world.  We may not have great wealth or everything our hearts desire, but we have all we need and that makes us rich beyond measure.