Monday, February 2, 2015

Cucumber's Birthday

Cucumber's Stats
Birthday:  January 10
Birth Order:  Child #4
Grade:  2
Favorite Color:  Green
Favorite Music/Musician:  Her brother Honey Bunches
Favorite Season:  Summer
Favorite Holiday:  Independence Day
Favorite Subject in School:  Religion
Favorite T.V. Show:  Master Chef Junior
What She Wants to be When She Grows Up:  An Athlete and a Musician

Cucumber's Bio
written by her sister, Gummi Bear

Cucumber is 8 years old and loves fashion and sparkle.  She is a good sister and friend.  I am glad to be her sister.  Cucumber loves to dance and sing.  Almost everyday she makes me laugh and then I can't stop.  She likes to make crafts, read, and write stories.  She has a lot of drama in her and she loves to mess around. Cucumber is very fun to play with and makes up good games to play.   Everybody loves Cucumber and Cucumber loves everybody.

The morning of her Birthday

A surprise knocking at the door for Cucumber

Her Nina, all the way from California!

In complete shock

Birthday Gifts:  A journal, her name in sparkly letters, a backpack, lots of clothes, crafts, Precious Moments figurine, money, sugar cereal, a ream of paper, and a bass guitar.

Her Godparents