Saturday, May 7, 2011


For the last few years, I have wanted lattice on our deck.  We have a small deck on the front of our house and I just feel that lattice would really give it a finished look.  Today, as a Mother's Day present, Monkey Toes worked on the deck.  He started at about 10 AM and worked straight through the day until 6 PM.  Then we headed to my sisters for dinner.  If the weather is good, he'll finish tomorrow.  So far, it looks beautiful.  I am a bit shocked at how time consuming this project is.  I had no idea it would take this long to complete.  In my mind, you measure, cut and staple???  I thought a couple hours. . .tops.  Monkey dug a trench around the deck first so the lattice would be anchored and less likely to bend.  He then had the boys crawl under the deck and push rocks against the lattice from the back.  Thank goodness that job was given to my boys.  There is no way I would have crawled under there.  It is small and dark, and I have myself convinced that there are probably critters living there!

When I think of all the things my family could have been doing today, but instead worked together to honor a request I made, I feel very proud.  I love that all of my "boys" stuck it out together, got their hands and their knees very dirty and worked hard.  Right now, all the kids are in bed and Monkey is asleep on the sofa.  He had intentions of watching t.v., but that did not amount to much.  To show my great appreciation for his efforts, I gave Monkey Toes my full blessing to golf tomorrow - on Mother's Day.  He deserves it.  Thank you Monkey.  I love you!

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