Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebration Weekend

We have had a very eventful last few days.  Since Friday, we now have a third grader, second grader, and first grader in our home.  Gummi Bear graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday and received the Young Christian Award.  Monkey Toes and I are very proud of her. All three kids received Outstanding Performance in proficiency in all areas of study.  So another successful school year comes to a close and we are ready to begin our summer vacation.

Saturday morning we had Gummi's Annual May Tea Party.  We began this tradition three years ago when there was a conflict in celebrating Gummi's birthday.  The Tea Party was a great alternative, and so we have continued this each May.  We had a table full of goodies and wonderful company (grandma, aunts, friends from school).  I look forward to this party each year.  Gummi and I work together planning, cooking, and decorating.  All the girls wear their prettiest dresses.  I hope it is a tradition that we will continue for a long time.

Later that evening, at the 5:00 Mass, Monkey Toes and I renewed our wedding vows.  The idea was given to us by our priest, who said that more young, married couples should receive a marriage blessing.  Since Monkey Toes was willing to do it, we took advantage of the opportunity.  It was beautiful and touching for both of us to recite the vows we made to one another and to God ten years ago.  What touched me the most was how living out these vows makes them even more prevalent to our lives.  They hold more meaning to us today.

Following Mass, we had our family and a few friends gather at our home for a birthday BBQ, celebrating Gummi and my brother-in-law.  It was such a lovely evening.  The food was delicious, the company was delightful.  By the time everyone left and I cleaned-up the kitchen, I was certainly ready for bed.  Once again, I had a smile on my face and a thankful heart.  Now, I look forward to the next day and a half, relaxing and enjoying my family.  Happy Memorial Day weekend.  Be safe and remember to give thanks for the freedoms that make our country great and the men and women who have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice for us all. God Bless!

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