Monday, May 2, 2011


One of the things I love the most about being a mom is witnessing to the true individuality of each of my kids.  Some days it is hard to wrap my head around the idea that we are all part of the same family.  Certainly each child shares characteristics of both Monkey Toes and I and some days that is more evident than others.

Last Thursday when I picked the kids up from school, a sweet aroma entered the van with them.  I asked, "who smells fruity?"  Often times they are munching on treats they received from classmates.  Honey Bunches said, "that would be me."  I asked, "why?"  "Because I'm hot and sweaty and I smell sweet!"  We all had a great laugh.  That is also an example of Monkey Toes influence - always joking and quite witty.

After homework that same day, we were all outside playing.  Sweet Pea was standing at the bottom of the slide.  For some unknown reason, Sweet Potato decided to roll a baseball down the slide, which jumped up at the end and hit Sweet Pea in the chest.  I told Sweet Potato he needed to apologize.  As he approached her, he tripped and landed directly on Sweet Pea, flattening her to the ground.  Monkey Toes is convinced that Sweet Potato received his gracefulness from me.  That is debatable.

I enjoy watching my children grow and develop their own personalities.  It is also equally fun to have them discover their gifts.  Gummi Bear is naturally athletic.  Cucumber surprises me with her intelligence.  Sweet Pea is picking up a large vocabulary and is a good climber.  Pumpkin is being influenced by everyone and has mimicked each here and there.

As much as I am anxiously awaiting to see them grow up, I also am trying to remind myself to live in the here and now.  Pumpkin is at a stage where she likes to cuddle with me.  Being the baby and uncertain if we will be having anymore children, I try to relish those moments when she nuzzles my neck or wraps her arms around me.  So many have told us that time flies by.  We are first-hand witnesses that it does.  And so, I continue to record memories here, in hopes that I can remind myself of the preciousness of each day if ever I forget.

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