Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parental Duties

As I'm steeling away a few quiet moments this morning, I am looking through slits.  We are on day number 10 of a diarrhea outbreak in our household.  I was up twice last night, both at midnight and at 3am having to clean up a child and change bedding.  Did I mention that Monkey Toes is out of town on business?  I don't want to say that it always happens that way, but it frequently does.  I have been a hand washing mad woman.  My first question to the kids is, "did you remember to wash your hands?"  I'm a bit slow-moving this morning, but the sun is shining and I have a special project planned today for the kiddos and I.

Today is also the feast day of St. Joachim (Patron Saint of Fathers) and St. Anne (Patron Saint of Mothers) - the Blessed Virgin's Parents.  How appropriate, seeing as I have struggled the past 10 days with my parental duties.  So I ask for prayers from St. Joachim and St. Anne, that I may have a light and happy heart as I take care of my family and complete(??) my chores today.  May all I do today, glorify God.

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