Monday, July 18, 2011

Circle of Life

There are some mornings I wish I had my own t.v. and coffee maker in my bedroom.  That way I could wake up, watch the morning news and drink a cup of coffee uninterrupted.  It seems that no matter what hour I decide to wake, any noise I make is detected by at least one of my little love bugs and they bolt from their room to see what fun they must be missing.  Oh well, reheated coffee in the microwave will have to do.

Yesterday, Peanut Butter was baptized.  It was a beautiful celebration.  As much as I love seeing babies being baptized, there was something really special - very moving - about a 5 year old walking into the Baptismal Pool having his sins washed away and being filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Deacon then anointed him with the Oil of Catechumen and the Chrism Oil.  Peanut Butter asked afterwards, "what's that smell?"  I told him it's the Holy Spirit.  We spent the day celebrating with family and eating lots of good food.

Friday we buried my Uncle Vern and Sunday we Baptized Peanut Butter.  The Circle of Life was experienced in full force this past weekend.  There was a true beauty in the way the celebrations complimented one another.  In both, we celebrated new life in Christ.  In both, they were robed in Christ.  In both, they turned away from this world and accepted the Light of Christ.  Both celebrations included Holy Water, the white garment and the Paschal Candle.  Is it any wonder why I love my faith so much?

Two of my favorite quotes from the weekend were these:  First, Cucumber and I were in the bathroom doing our hair when she asked (honestly - this is word for word and she's only 4 years old), "Explain to me mom why Sweet Pea has a bigger toothbrush than me?"    Secondly, at the Baptism, the Deacon was asking each of the parents what they were asking of the Church for their child (the answer is Baptism).  Monkey Toes leaned forward and whispered to Peanut Butter's parents, "ask for cash."

Monkey Toes and I are Peanut Butter's Godparents.  This is the only picture on my camera of the Baptism, which is actually before the ceremony.  Isn't he sweet? 

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