Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yesterday we took the kids to a lake for the afternoon.  As we were preparing to leave, I put my swimsuit on and looked absolutely dreadful.  It is different shades of pink with a tie on the side and spaghetti straps.  It is really, REALLY horrible.  So I wound up calling my sister and borrowing a suit from her to get me through the day.  As I was combing through the ads for the upcoming week, one of the stores had a 60% off swimwear sale.  So today I ventured out in pursuit of the "perfect" suit.

Let me begin by explaining that I have not purchased a swimsuit since 1995.  Honestly.  I was a senior in college and I was going on a spring break trip to Cancun with my friends.  My mom brought me to JCPenney's and bought me a black, one piece with gold appliques.  I thought it was stylish, but when I look back at pictures I wonder what I was ever thinking.  It reminded me of sailing away on a yacht with the Howells (Gilligan's Island).  I've since used my sisters hand-me-downs.

This afternoon I arrived at the store and walked straight to the swimwear section.  There was only one rack of suits left to select from, and the variety was slim.  I found a swim skirt that I liked and then chose a tank to try.  I spent about an hour analyzing, debating, talking myself out of and talking myself into a suit.  Do I love it?  No.  Do I hate it?  No.  I will admit that I am comfortable in it and it covers up many of my child-bearing forever keepsakes.  However I look at it, it is a huge improvement from what I currently possess.

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