Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House of Gross

Let the title of this entry serve as your warning.  I share these things because it helps me to find humor in my day.  I have two choices - I can either laugh or cry.  Believe me, some days it is a difficult decision to make.

Last night as Monkey Toes and I were getting ready for bed, we found ourselves in the bathroom at the same time.  I was washing my face as he was brushing his teeth.  To much of my dismay, I discovered that we have been using the same (as in sharing) toothbrush since our last dentist appointments.  I have no idea how this has gone on for this long without being discovered by one of us, but there it is.  Today, I have a brand new toothbrush.

This morning I awoke to a really awful smell.  As I wandered out of my bedroom, I discovered Gummi Bear on the sofa.  She said, "Mom.  It smells really bad in my bedroom."  As I entered her room, I discovered Cucumber curled up in a ball.  As I approached her bed, I found out she had been sick sometime during the night and must have been either too tired to tell us, or too sick.  It was really icky and it was everywhere.  So I spent the first part of my morning trying to clean the bedroom and eliminate the smell.  Grandma came over to be with her as I took the other kids to swimming lessons.

On the way home from swimming, Honey Bunches asked, "Where's Cucumber?"  Apparently the heat must have affected my brain because I gasped and pulled the van over in complete horror.  I turned around and quickly counted heads.  Gummi said, "Mom, remember she's at home sick."  Deep breath please.  Seriously, my heart was pounding in fear.

Cucumber is still recovering.  She feels good for a little while and then she feels like she needs to lie down.  She did eat lunch with us, but was grossed out by Pumpkin.

Pumpkin decided to just eat ketchup for lunch.  I had made tator tots, but Pumpkin only wanted the ketchup.  That counts as a vegetable right?  So today is mostly about getting Cucumber feeling better and surviving the heat.  Oh yeah - and laughter.  After all, it is the best medicine (or so they say)!

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