Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Sweet Potato on the zip line
Our holiday weekend was fun and busy and very memorable.  Monkey Toes worked a short day on Friday and had Monday off, so we really wanted to take advantage of family time together.  Our first event was a trip to Bakers Park Reserve on Saturday.  We packed a picnic lunch, played on the playground and of
course, went swimming.  The older kids loved the lake, but the younger two were quite cautious.  Eventually Sweet Pea made it into the water, far enough to sit, but Pumpkin wouldn't leave the steps.  We only spent about 3 hours total at the park, but it felt like we had been there longer.  Everyone, except for Cucumber was ready to leave.  She cried and cried and cried.  About 5 miles down the road she fell asleep, as did all the kids in my van.

Gummi on the zip line

When we arrived home, everyone was still really tired.  Everyone took a bath or shower and then Gummi and I headed to Mass.  Afterwards, Monkey Toes suggested ravioli for supper.  It was frozen, so we knew it would take some time before we could eat.  But we prepared it anyway and popped in a movie for everyone to watch.  When the timer rang, the kids scurried to the table - all very hungry.  We served everyone up, said our meal prayer and dug in, only to find out that the middle of the ravioli was still frozen.  So to many disgruntled children, we popped it back into the oven.  Like any good parent, I served the dessert first, second course was garlic bread, and finally, the ravioli.
Monkey Toes & Pumpkin
Sunday night was fireworks at Monkey Toes brother's house.  They were set off at the end of the drive-way and the  kids had front row seats.

Monday was a parade in a neighboring community.  Peanut Butter kept confusing the parade with a circus.  He asked me, "Will we see elephants?"  "No honey.  There won't be any elephants."  "How about monkeys?"  "Sorry, no monkeys.  But I bet we'll see horses!"  "That's it?"  I hope he wasn't too disappointed.

We got home in time to eat lunch - cold cereal.  We were all too tired to do much else.  I did bake a red, white & blue cake and upon Honey Bunches request, we all sang The Star Spangled Banner and Happy
                                                 Birthday to America.  All in all it was a great weekend, simply made joyful by all being together!

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