Monday, September 19, 2011

One of My Favorite Days

Yesterday was our Parish Fall Festival.  It is one of my favorite days of the year.  I look forward to spending a day with my family and supporting our church.

Our festival is nothing outrageously spectacular.  We don't have a carnival or a concert series.  It is a typical rural parish gathering.  We have a roast beef dinner with homemade pie, a country store, cake walk, silent auction, kids games, quilt show, a raffle, and of course BINGO.  It is a place where my kids feel safe and Monkey and I feel safe in letting our kids run.  I love how our parish pulls together at this time of year.  We work along side one another, volunteering to work shifts, baking pies and cakes, and donating items from our harvest.  Rain or shine, it is always a fun day.

I consider my parish family exactly that;  an extension of my family.  I've met many through worship, befriended  many through councils I've served and through volunteering, and I genuinely care and love so many who have shown kindness and care to my own family.  As much as I love the Church, I also love my parish.  It is a place I consider part of my home.  On the third Saturday of September each year, we gather to celebrate all together and to give thanks to God for all of our abundant blessings.  Yes, we are truly blessed!

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