Monday, September 26, 2011

Boogers & Broccoli

Our household had such a lovely day on Sunday.  I was up before anyone else and snuck off to early Mass.  I had this awesome experience at Mass, where everything just really came together.  It is difficult to find the words to describe it, but after receiving the Eucharist, I went back to my pew, knelt down, closed my eyes and felt this overwhelming sense of peace.  Even the communion song tied in to my experience (although I can't tell you today what song it was!)  So I left church feeling re-energized.  When I returned home, the kids shouted "surprise!"  They had set out breakfast, even pouring me a bowl of cereal (they didn't wait for me to get home before adding the milk.  My cereal was a tad soggy, but the thoughtfulness of the gesture was grand).  They also made coffee, which they have greatly improved.  Then Monkey Toes took ALL the kids to late Mass.  I told him to leave the younger ones with me, but he said I could have a little more time to myself.  So I was able to have another cup of coffee, get lunch made, load the dishwasher, and play on my computer. 

The weather was absolutely perfect, so after lunch, Monkey took the boys golfing and the girls and I took a long walk around town.  We ended up at a park, where the girls ran themselves exhausted.  So home we came, took naps, watched some football, and had spaghetti for supper.  During our meal time, Gummi said she had a joke to tell us.  "What's the difference between boogers and broccoli?  Kids don't eat broccoli."  I know - yuck, however, it is funny.  (By the way, this joke is courtesy of the Okie Dokie Brothers Kids music CD). 

After the kids went to bed, my nephew stopped by and we visited for a long time, just catching up.  We also cut into an apple pie I made, which hadn't been ready to eat after supper.  It was a nice way to end our weekend.  The weather was beautiful, I had fun with the kids, and I was able to relax.  It was another weekend I wish I could bottle up and keep on my shelf as a reminder of my many blessings.

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