Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mundane Day

Monkey Toes was quick to point out that my last post really wasn't irony in its truest form.  Correct he is and for those of you who are literary scholars, I apologize for the misuse of the term.  Now, onto other things. . .

Today was a day filled with mundane tasks.  I had a long list of things that should be done.  It was difficult, as the weather was amazing  - the sun was bright, the temperature was around 76 degrees, and the kids were itching to get outdoors.  None the less, I knew I had to get a few things accomplished.  First off was freezing sweet corn that our dear friend Donna dropped off to us last night.  The girls were a huge help in husking the corn.  They dressed for the occasion.

Next on the agenda was to clean out the fridge - not just go through our leftovers, but to actually scrub the entire refrigerator.  I probably would have saved this job for a rainy or very cold day, but one of the drawers was a bit sticky from a mystery substance. 
It is a tad bare, which grocery shopping is on the to-do list Friday.  Until then, we will get by with what's in our cupboards and freezer.

Finally, I had to make laundry soap.  Both my liquid and powder detergents were completely gone.  I'm thankful that Sweet Potato likes to help me. 
Grating the bar soap

I still have a few things on my list (laundry and the skeleton of a fall craft project that I have been promising the kiddos for the last week) that will just have to be put off until another day.  It is challenging for me to let things go.  In my crazy mind, completed projects and a tidy house equate peacefulness.  However, today I was able to experience some truly joyful moments, because I let some projects slide.

The first joyful moment came right before lunch.  I was pushing the girls on the swings and they were telling jokes. 
Cucumber:  How do you make a tissue dance?  You blow a little boogie in it. (Yes, another booger joke).
Sweet Pea:  Knock Knock (who's there?) Banana (banana who?)  I took the banana for a walk to the park (laughter erupts from her sisters).
Pumpkin:  Naw naw (knock knock) (who's there?)  orange (orange who?) Orange on the swings (again, belly laughter which could hardly be contained).

I love pure silliness from my kids on days like this.  It comes from such an untainted and honest place.  I may not have laughed has hard as my girls, but I certainly had a smile on my face and embraced the moment.

The second joyful moment was this evening.  Monkey Toes returned from a business trip to Chicago and the kids were really excited to see him.  As he laid down on the sofa to rest a little, some of the kids crawled on him and Cucumber begged him to read a story.  He read A Fairy Ballet and used different voices for the characters.  The kids laughter was contagious.  It really was a very precious gesture.
On days like this I try to remember that it's the little things that can make the biggest impact.  Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta wrote, "It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."  
So whether I'm working on laundry, mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, or pushing my kids on the swings, my attitude towards these things is what really matters.  Do I go about my day grumbling at what needs to be done, or do I offer my entire day to my Father in Heaven?  I may not always be successful in doing so, but I strive for the latter.

I am not capable of doing big things, but I want to do everything, even the smallest things, for the greater glory of God.
- Saint Dominic Savio

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