Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Tender Hearted Boy

Honey Bunches is sick.  He has laid on the sofa all day, curled up in a ball, sipping water, nibbling on saltines and sleeping on and off.  He looks so frail and my heart aches for him.  I wish I could make things all better. I would gladly take his sickness if it would mean good health for him.

Honey Bunches is a great kid, but not in the obvious sense.  He is a man of few words and tends to go about his day quietly.  Last year, his teacher asked Monkey Toes and I if Honey was enjoying school, because she couldn't read him, he was very quiet and didn't display much emotion one way or the other.  The truth is, he likes school, does well academically, and loves playing with his friends.  He doesn't like homework and tends to do just enough to get by, but I too was guilty of that a time or two growing up.  As a mom, what speaks volumes to me are his actions.

This past week, I caught him doing such good and kind things.  One morning, as everyone was getting ready for school and I was running around frantically, he helped his baby sister by pouring her cereal, getting her a cup of milk and then pushing her chair in for her.  That same morning, he got down on the floor with Sweet Pea and helped her put her shoes on the correct feet.  Yesterday, my mom came over and was helping with laundry.  She brought some clothes into his room and he asked if he could help her.  A few days ago, Pumpkin had climbed onto the top bunk in the girls room and couldn't get down.  He went into their room to help and I heard him say, "It's o.k.  Just climb down slow and I'll catch you if you fall." 

What has touched me the most about his gestures is that he did all of these things without being asked.  He recognized a need and just pitched in to help.  I often think that is a true sign of genuineness - when a person can do good, whether or not others are watching. 

I've always considered Honey to be my tender-hearted boy.  Others may see him as apathetic, but deep down, he has an enormous heart, full of love and passion for life.  And hopefully, very soon, he'll be up and running around, back to his old self.

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