Thursday, June 2, 2011

Satisfying Hunger

As I was putting clothes away this morning, I heard Gummi Bear come in from outside and ask Cucumber if she wanted to go out and play.  Cucumber said she was sick.  So Gummi asked if Sweet Pea wanted to go out.  I said I had to change her diaper first.  Honey Bunches came in and asked Gummi if she found someone to come outside.  I asked what is going on and they both replied in unison, "nothing!"  Yeah right.  I asked Honey Bunches to tell me the truth and he said, "We're just looking for someone to be caught in our trap. . .I mean game."  Gummi Bear was quick to add, "Mom, I promise that no one will get hurt, and if they do, we will all go straight to bed."  I walked over to the window to take a peak and found they had a very unusual contraption set up using the swing-set, a jump rope, obstacle course cones, a tennis racket and sidewalk chalk.  I have nothing more to say about this.

Day number 3 of summer vacation and the source of my anxiety has changed from finding activities for the kids to do (their imaginations are doing a fine enough job of their own), to satisfying their unbelievable hunger.  Other than going for a long bike ride yesterday, I don't think I left the kitchen.  One by one the kids would come in looking through the cupboards and fridge, declaring their starvation.  I decided before bed last night that I would tighten the reigns on scheduling our eating.  Breakfast by 8:30 (allowing the kids to eat as they wake up), snack at 10:00, lunch at 12:30, afternoon snack at 3:30, and supper at 6:00.  I've begun announcing, "the kitchen is closing in 10 minutes."  So far it's working splendidly.  For morning snack I made up a large plate of granola bars, pea pods, carrots and gave them each a juice box.  They polished off the entire "feast."  Seriously, 20 minutes later Sweet Potato asked, "What's for lunch?"  Now, those of you who are wiser, I know that sitting on the tip of your tongue is, "wait until they're teenagers."  Funny - but not very constructive for me.  I think the key will be to stock up on lots of fruits and vegetables and let them have at it.

The past few days have been beautiful, but a bit windy.  Earlier today the kids flew a kite.  It is the best $1 investment we have made this spring.  I will be going back to the store to stock-pile more.  Cucumber was flying the kite for at least 45 minutes and cried when I said she had to let the others have a turn.  I think a day at the park or lake with our kites will be scheduled in the near future.  Of course I'll have to pack a picnic lunch.  At this stage, I wouldn't dream of making plans without food. 

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  1. My kids seem to want to just eat constantly when they are all at home, too. I know several moms of big families who say their grocery bill doubles in the summertime.

    It sounds like your kids are enjoying their down time!:)