Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cold and Chaotic

I'm not sure what is going on with summer, but two days ago we had 102 degree weather and today we were all wearing our fleece jackets outside.  Brrrrr.  We all piled into the van this morning and headed to the cemetery.  The last time I was there I noticed quite a bit of bird droppings on my Dad's and Mother-in-law's gravestones.  So the kids and I came with a bucket and hot,soapy water and rags.  We cleaned up the gravestones and said a prayer at each.  Our original intent was to pray the Rosary at the Grotto, but the kids were complaining that their hands were cold, so we prayed inside the church instead.  They were very reverent and did such a great job.  I was proud of them and thinking to myself that Monkey Toes and I are doing a pretty good job at raising them.  Then, I was humbled and knocked back down to reality upon our return home.  Chaos erupted and I'm not sure why. The kids were so mean to each other.  I sent them outside, hoping they would run around and burn off some of their aggression, but I soon had to bring them in when I heard them screaming at one another.  They marched in and I made them sit on the sofa without talking.  I said, "If you can't say anything nice to one another, then you will sit here and not say anything at all."  While I made lunch, I popped in a Catholic Apologetics CD.  I'm not sure what the kids thought, but I liked it. After long naps, our household was back to normal.  We had snack, we played outside, we ate supper and then off to VBS.  The most memorable quote of the day, once again, came from Honey Bunches.  The kids and I were talking about images of God.  Honey Bunches said, "I think God is a GPS.  He sees the big map and helps us get to the right places."  I asked where he had heard that and he said he just made it up.  Whether that is true or not, it is a very wise thought.  I think I may have to remind the kids of that during our next chaotic day.  Let's just take a deep breath and trust in where God is leading us.

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