Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Gummi Bear lost her first tooth Monday afternoon.  I knew it would fall out quickly, as the "replacement" is already growing in behind it.  We were eating lunch (grilled cheese) when she said, "Mom, can you please pull my tooth out so I can eat?"  I reached in and grabbed the tooth with my fingers, gave it a little tug and it was out.  Gummi looked at it and said, "cool" and then devoured her sandwich.

Tuesday morning Gummi came out of her bedroom looking disappointed.  I knew immediately that the Tooth Fairy must have had a busy night and didn't get to our house.  Surprisingly enough, the Tooth Fairy visited while we played outside that afternoon.  She must have felt a little guilty (or maybe didn't have any change) because Gummi found $5 under her pillow.  She was a very happy little girl.

Vacation Bible School began this week as well.  The theme is Pandamania.  This is also the first year that Cucumber is attending.  She loves it.  She came home last night squealing.  Yes, she actually was squealing.  The babies were already in bed when she got home and I was afraid she would wake them up with her enthusiasm.  When I ask her specifics about VBS, she can't remember much, but knows she is having a great time.  Tonight as we were driving home, the kids were singing one of the songs Sing, Sing, Sing.  The lyrics are this:  "Sing, Sing, Sing and make music with the Heavens we will sing, sing, sing, grateful that You hear us when we shout Your praise, lift high the name of Jesus."  Honey Bunches was belting out the song.  When it came to the last line, he sang, "When we shout your praise, hibernate with Jesus."  Is it possible to love this kid more?

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