Sunday, June 5, 2011

Number 5 turns 3

Sweet Pea turned 3 years old today.  I was out of town the last day and a half, and didn't return home until 8:00 PM.  Monkey Toes baked a chocolate cake and let the kids stay up until I got home, so we could sing Happy Birthday and eat cake together.  Although I was disappointed that we haven't done more to celebrate, Sweet Pea was happy and enjoyed being sung to and blowing out the candles.

We found out I was pregnant for the fifth time- once again by having my yearly cancer screen.  I had gone in for my routine check-up (ultra-sound and blood work).  A few days later (it actually was a Wednesday, because I was getting ready to go to work) I received a telephone call from my doctor.  She told me that my CA125 came back unusually high.  She said that if these numbers are accurate, then they indicate that I have cancer.  She also informed me that I was pregnant.  I hung up the phone and went straight into Monkey Toes arms.  I thought about calling in sick to work, but I had a Reconciliation Parent Meeting that evening that I was in charge of, and didn't think I could cancel it.  So I went to work, muddled my way through the meeting and then drove to my parents.  I sat in their living room and cried.  On my way home that night, I remember praying, telling God that if this was my cross to bear, that I would accept it, but that I would need the courage and strength to do so.

A few days later, my doctor called again and said that she had a conference with the oncologist.  The oncologist said that due to my increased hormone levels, my other tests were probably not accurate.  Monkey Toes and I rejoiced at the news, both of being healthy and once again, preparing to welcome a new life into our family.

Sweet Pea's birth was seemingly easy.  She came into the world with 3 pushes and a healthy set of lungs.  She really had her own, unique look.  She had dark hair and dark eyes like our other children, but she definitely looked like her own person.  Today, she is a peanut - only in the 5th percentile for both height and weight.  I love how she calls me "Honey"  (i.e. "What's wrong Honey?" and  "Can I have something to drink Honey?")  There are days when she thinks she is older than she really is, and yet she loves to snuggle and be held.  She is currently in the stage of "I can do it!"  She enjoys swinging, drawing pictures, going for walks and riding her tricycle.  She is truly a joy whose smile can warm up anyones heart.  Sweet Pea - you are a precious gift who is a blessing to our family.  I love you forever!

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