Friday, June 17, 2011

Announcing the Arrival of. . .

Yesterday, Monkey Toes' sister and brother-in-law officially adopted their 5 year old son, Peanut Butter (lovingly named because I love peanut butter and the kid is so darn cute that I just want to bite his cheeks).  It was an amazing procedure to watch.  The actual time spent in court was short, but the experience was powerful.  Tears were flowing, people were clapping, the joy was contagious.  The bright smiles on Peanut Butter and his mom and dad's faces was heart felt.  To witness the joining of these individuals was a true testament to life and the real beauty of the masterpiece we call family. 

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  1. Way to go P and V! Peanut Butter is an amazing kid and he now has a wonderful forever family!