Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my Mother-in-law's passing.  As I posted earlier, we gathered for nine consecutive days to pray the Rosary for her, which concluded last night.  The past week has been emotional, uplifting, challenging, and sacred.  Tonight, as my children sleep, I am left with my thoughts and reflections of time spent with family and time spent in prayer.

I first met my mother in-law (whom I will refer to as Milly [mother in-law love you]) 20 years ago.  Monkey Toes brought me to his house after school and Milly had just returned home from work.  She had the most beautiful hair - long, thick and black, all pulled back.  She actually didn't say much to me that day, but we did exchange pleasantries.  It did not take long before Milly was treating me like family.  I was always being invited over for meals and included in family functions.  Even during mine and Monkey's break-ups, Milly continued to befriend me.  I soon realized, that no matter what relationship state Monkey and I were in, Milly would always be my friend.

I have countless stories of how Milly touched my life, inspired me, blessed me with kindness and thoughtfulness.  The one, however, that I treasure the most happened just a little over one year ago.  It was the day my dad passed away and Milly came to our home.  Overcome with emotion, I sat down on the couch and Milly followed me.  In her fragile state, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held me.  No words were spoken.  She just let me cry.  Less than two weeks later, Milly entered Hospice.

I had the honor of being with Milly's family as she took her final breath.  She battled cancer for six years.  It may have taken her body, but it never took away her graciousness, her sense of humor, her faith, nor her dignity.  She remained, and always will remain, one of the most beautiful people I have known.

Although I miss her, I do find healing and hope in a faith that we shared.  I am comforted by the stories that are recalled among her children, her family and friends.  I find comfort in knowing that she knew each of her grandchildren and loved them dearly.  I am comforted in that her faith and family were the two most important things in her life, and that we will continue that legacy.  Milly will forever remain in our hearts.

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  1. I lived Milly-- She was one of my favorite and special patients-- I had no idea how she would be tied into my life after I quit working-- but she always made me feel special!!