Thursday, March 31, 2011

At My Witts End

Either cabin fever has hit an all time high for the season, or there must be a full moon coming.  My kids are absolutely irritated with one another and with me.  They are fighting, whining, testing limits.  This has been going on now for over a week.  I'm at the point where I would like to send them outside and lock the door.  I won't, of course, at least not to the babies.  Sweet Potato was sent home from school today due to an ear ache.  He didn't have a fever, but complained of a sharp pain in his ear.  He whimpered most of the afternoon.  I gave him ear drops and tried to massage his ears, but it didn't soothe him.  I took him to our chiropractor who adjusted him and rubbed his sinuses.  The whole time we are at the chiro, Sweet Potato seems just fine.  The minute we walk into the house, he starts to whimper again.  I know he's tired and I don't doubt that his ear hurts, but the whining is difficult to listen to.  I've tried to snuggle with him, hoping that he would fall asleep, but he jumped up and said he couldn't sit still.  If he were the only child I had to care for, I probably could handle the situation better.  Instead, I have a baby who's pulling hair, a son who is trying to get a reaction out of his sisters (which he is very successful at doing), and another daughter who claims she is starving to death because I won't let her eat ANOTHER O'Henry Bar which we made earlier today.  Guess what?  I sent the 3 youngest to the basement to play, I let the 3 older ones watch t.v., and I'm typing this blog, with fork in hand, eating the O'Henry Bars.  Yep, today is all about survival and mine is calling for some peace and quiet and lots of chocolate.  Hopefully after a good nights sleep I'll be ready to tackle the day tomorrow with a renewed sense of calm, patience, compassion and fruit.

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