Friday, March 25, 2011

Then There Were Two

Diapers have been a part of our household for 8 years and counting.  We have had multiples in diapers for the last 5 years (and counting).  Each time one of our kids become potty trained, I think to myself that we are one step closer to being a diaper free home.  I have cause to celebrate this week.  Cucumber is FINALLY out of diapers.  Yes, she is four years old.  Yes, there are days when she has a broader vocabulary than me.  Yes, she is fully in control of certain areas of her life.  Yes, Monkey Toes and I have tried every trick, tip and bribe known in order to persuade her into big girl underwear.  Basically, one day she told me no more diapers and she has not gone back.  She even stays dry all through the night.  Not only am I a proud mom, but I also have a very proud little girl.  So to celebrate, Grandma, Auntie and I took the little girls out-and-about in town this morning.  We stopped in the occasional shops and ended at the local coffee house. 

The first shop we went into had lots of collectibles and breakables and pretty much called out to my girls around every corner.  I carried Pumpkin in my arms throughout the store, Sweet Pea held Auntie's hand, and Cucumber tagged along with Grandma.  On our way out of the store, with the door open, Cucumber's hood caught on a shelf and a planter came crashing down.  To be honest, it wasn't the most attractive planter I've ever seen and was a bit shocked to see a $17 price tag on it.  I could see maybe $5, but $17?  Come on now.  Well, Auntie felt responsible and so she bought the planter, claiming that with a little Super Glue and maybe some artificial flowers,  it would look pretty good.  We'll see.

Our next stop was at Jilly Bean.  It's a retro clothing store for your sassy girl.  It has amazing designs and I could spend lots of money in there if I had money to spend.  The owner was asking how old the girls were and Cucumber announced, "I'm 4 and I am potty trained!"  The owner gave her a thumbs up and a sucker. 

We ended our outing with smoothies.  The girls were sooooo good and loved being outdoors in the brisk air, "shopping" with us adults.  When we returned home it was lunch time and the girls asked for Raman Noodles.  As I served up the bowls, Cucumber commented, "These noodles look like the curls in your hair mom."  That upset Sweet Pea because she didn't want to eat "mommy's hair."  She had peanut butter toast. 

Lots more happened within our day, but I'll save some of those experiences for another post.  As a result of  our newest potty trained family member, Sweet Pea has started asking if she can sit on the potty.  Is it possible that a diaper free household is in the near future?  Just one child at a time with two left to go.  I think I'll treat myself to a sucker.

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