Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just a Daily Report

My children attend a Catholic school, and so today, to celebrate Ash Wednesday, they began their morning with Mass.  I decided to go with them and brought Cucumber along.  Cucumber and I walked with Gummi Bear's class over to the church.  For the entire walk, Gummi Bear had her arm wrapped around Cucumber and was telling all of her classmates that "this is my little sister!"  I don't think I have ever seen Gummi Bear demonstrate such pride over a member of her family.  We get inside the church and I have to separate the girls, to which Cucumber begins to cry.  She thought she could sit with her sister's class.  I assumed she would be able to pull herself together as we entered the narthex (a 4 year old can demonstrate self-control right?)  On the contrary.  Not only were tears streaming down her cheeks, but they were accompanied by very loud "whaaaaaaaaaaa (deep breath) whaaaaaa!!  This church isn't as large as a cathedral, but it has similar acoustics, so you can imagine the amplified sound of such a tantrum.  After we genuflect, I turn us right around and go out the door in order to gain some composure.  Feeling quite angry, I look Cucumber in the eye and say, "you will stop crying now or we will go home and you won't get any ashes!"  Surprisingly, she stopped crying and asks, "what are ashes?"  Ah-ha.  Situation remedied.  I urge her back inside the church, we find a seat, and we get through Mass with no problems.  Cucumber was fascinated with the ashes and could hardly wait to show Grandma her forehead. 

Today was the first day of no t.v., computer, Wii or Playstation for the kids.  We have decided that we may watch a little t.v. before bed, but otherwise, we are turning them off.  What I discovered was that the kids worked slower on their homework, which resulted in less mistakes.  They weren't tempted to rush through it in order to play video games or watch t.v.  They also played with toys that they haven't played with in a long time.  We pulled out our play tent and tunnel and all 6 kids played together and had a great time.  So day number one was successful.  However, I was reminded by Sweet Potato that we have 45 days to go.  Such the optimist!

Now to report on our brownies from last night.  They actually were pretty good.  All the kids ate them, except for Cucumber who (and I quote) "they feeled funny in my mouth."  The texture was cake-like.  I think they would have been better if they were a bit more fudgy.  I may try them again, but will just make the recipe as is and not double it.  I put the remainder brownies in the freezer for now. 

In other news, Honey Bunches of Oats has lost his front tooth.  He is very excited and could hardly wait to put his tooth under his pillow.  I overheard Gummi Bear telling Honey Bunches, "you should give the money to mom and dad since they don't have a lot of money in the bank." Oh my sweet, motherly little girl!  Anyway, the missing tooth has temporarily altered Honey's speech, which I find absolutely endearing.  I think the Tooth Fairy will be generous tonight.

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