Monday, March 28, 2011

A Day of Fashion

Gummi Bear and I spent a fun day together.  My friend MM, has her own clothing line and asked if  Gummi could model some of her fashions for her spring and possibly fall catalogs.  We headed to Como Park Conservatory to meet a photographer.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and Gummi was bursting with excitement.  When we arrived, MM went to the main desk to purchase a photography permit.  For $25, you get a 25 minute permit.  It was at this time that we found out the Conservatory's photo policies, which include "no clothing changes on the premises."  So MM explained that I would be taking my 5 year old daughter into a bathroom stall to change her clothes.  The employee said "no, that is against policy."  We were told that if Gummi had to change her outfit, then we would have to do so in the parking lot, within our vehicle.  A bit stunned, MM warned that our permit time "better not begin until we are back in this building, ready to photograph."  This must be a government run institution with the complete lack of common sense enforced. 

Now, before I continue with this tale, let me explain one minor detail.  This morning as I was getting ready, I decided to "dress-up" a little.  It was nothing too formal, just some jeans, a sweater with a silk scarf, and my brown, suede, heeled boots.  Let's just say I didn't dress for comfort (referring to the boots).

So now Gummi and I have to walk out to the vehicle (which, by the way is a pretty healthy hike), to change into the first outfit.  We get back into the Conservatory and start walking - very quickly - to the flower garden.  Right away, the photographer grabs Gummi and starts shooting.  I was told to watch all the bags, which I welcomed, since I wanted to stay out of the way.  About 20 minutes later, Gummi and I are running through the building, towards the parking lot for clothing change #2 (we only took a wrong turn in the Fern room - twice!).  We threw on the next outfit and jogged back, weaving in and out of all the visitors.  At about this time, my feet were screaming at me "you crazy lady - what have you done to us?"  I had total boot remorse, wondering why I just didn't wear my tennis shoes.  We made it back into the garden in record time, or so I like to think, with sweat running down my back and the side of my face.  Once again, the photographer grabbed Gummi and they went to work.  In the meantime, the Como Nazis were making their rounds, checking the time and monitoring the bathroom, making sure we weren't breaking the rules.  An astounding 200 pictures were taken in the 25 minutes.  I won't get the chance to view the photos for awhile, but Gummi looked great and the gardens were beautiful, that I'm confident there must be a few good photos.

After a quick bite to eat, we headed home with one of the dresses that Gummi modeled - a sweet pink and brown "Paris" peasant dress, along with pink goulashes.  At this hour, my toes are cramping and my back is aching.  Either I'm too old and out of shape for heels, or I accept that fashion comes with a price.  I think I'll just stick with the comfy mom look.  I guarantee it's pain free.

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  1. So glad you had a good time. Next time, comfy shoes. Way to go Gummi-she's a star!