Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday caught up to me today.  I awoke to the mess I failed to take care of last night.  I did the dishes, got a huge jump start on the laundry and cleaned the basement.  Apparently my children felt neglected and needed to get my attention - which they skillfully achieved.  Pumpkin Pie found my son's craft paint and decided to not only paint her shirt, but eat some in the process.  Then Sweet Pea thought she would be helpful by changing her own poopy diaper.  YUCK.  So I abandoned my basement project to give my full attention to my children.  Once they were down for naps, I kept tackling the clothes and answered a few e-mails.  Then it was time to pick my kids up from school and thus started the second half of my day - snacks, homework, supper, and the nighttime ritual.  Right now my feet are up and my eyelids are heavy.  Not much to report on, which made it a lovely, ordinary day.

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