Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Secrets

With all of the cold weather we've been experiencing, I have been craving comfort foods.  The problem is that I have some kids who turn their noses up at what I cook.  A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook, "Deceptively Delicious."  In it, she teaches how to add really healthy ingredients to foods kids love, by simply pureeing them.  So I have gotten into the habit of steaming, pureeing, and freezing a variety of vegetables.  I add them to whatever we're having for dinner and as long as the kids don't watch me cook, they don't know what they're eating.  Tonight we had meatloaf (made with squash), mashed potatoes (made with cauliflower) and carrots (which didn't bother me if the kids pushed them away because of the vegetables they were eating in the other foods).  We had pumpkin pie for dessert - yummy!  My two pickiest eaters (they are total meat lovers) ate a big helping of the meatloaf and some of the potatoes.  They refused to eat the carrots - they believed they were in control as I simply smiled to myself knowing that they had actually consumed something healthy.  Pureeing is also a great way of using up leftovers.  I just pop them into my Magic Bullet (or the blender), seal it in a freezer bag, label it and toss it in the freezer.  When I need it, I thaw it in some warm water and add it to whatever I'm cooking.  Leafy greens are great in tomato based sauces. Squash, pumpkin, & carrots are tasty in baked goods and pancakes/waffles, along with pureed fruit.  Am I deceiving my kids?  Yep and I won't apologize for that.  I love them and want to see them healthy and happy.  So if you're ever over for dinner, don't ask what's in it and I won't tell.  Enjoy the deception!

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