Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Today was Valentine's Day and a fun day at that!  It didn't play out exactly as I had planned, but it was still a great day.  This morning, the 3 youngest and I spent hour(s) cutting, gluing, coloring and stickering (yes it is a word in my vocabulary) Valentine creations.  I made each child a special card - even the little neighbor girl, and of course, one for Monkey Toes.  For supper I made a big pan of lasagna and for dessert. . .individual espresso cakes.  O.k. they weren't exactly as the recipe explained, but I had to work with what I had, so they were actually yellow cupcakes with chocolate espresso frosting.  YUM!  I presented the cards I had made, accompanied with a poem for each.  "Roses are red, violets are blue, Little Cuke is a clown, and I love you!"  You get the gist.  After the kids went to bed, I dipped graham crackers in the espresso frosting.  Total indulgence.  I was hoping to maybe watch a movie with Monkey Toes, either Fire Proof or French Kiss (two of my favorites), but Monkey Toes fell asleep, due to not sleeping the night before, so here I sit at my computer. 

As I reflect on the day, there was a lot of laughter and really good quality time spent with the kids.  I don't always take advantage of that.  There is always a task that could be done and often wins over my attention, but today, we played, sang, danced, created, tickled and shared lots of hugs and kisses.  Today was the kind of day I hope my kids remember later in life.  I know I'll treasure it!

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