Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life Changing

This post is about how Pinterest has changed my life.  O.K., maybe not changed it, but it certainly has aided in my creativity and organization.  If you're not familiar with this site, it is a giant on-line bulletin board.  I look at it as a tool to keep all of my ideas and discoveries from the internet in one place. For example, if I am looking for a dinner idea, I simply go to my Recipe Board, and there are recipes I have pinned.  I also have boards for kids activities, crafts, organization, home remedies, catechesis, and books.   Here are just a few of the ideas I have implemented within our home.

Cowboy Muffins:  mini-meatloafs "frosted" with mashed potatoes.

I bought this bean-bag cover at a discount during Back To School sales.  Instead of stuffing it with beans, it holds all of my girls stuffed animals.  This way, they keep their furry friends all in one place AND have a chair to sit on.

With nine people living in our modest sized home, we have tried to utilize every possible space.  This is a closet converted into my office.  

I don't own a jewelry box, so I keep my necklaces and bracelets organized on this bulletin board which hangs in my closet.

Again utilizing Back To School sales, I bought this magazine holder for $4, and now it neatly keeps my storage bags above my stove.

One of our favorite craft activities:  we used painters tape to "write" each of the kids names on paper.  Then the kids painted over the tape.  When they were dry, we peeled the tape off.  By the way, this is NOT one of my children.

Strawberry treats for the Fourth of July.  Ours didn't turn out quite as pretty, but they were still delicious.

A homemade cough remedy.  I used this a few weeks back when my throat began to feel a bit sore.  It worked for me!

A favorite hot summer idea.  We cut up sponges, tied them together and the kids had water wars.

Another July 4th treat.  Hawaiin Punch on the bottom, then blue Gatorade, and diet Sprite to top it off.

I gave this to my friend on her birthday.  It was just as much fun putting it together as it was to give it to her.

A wrapping paper table runner.  Gummi and I used this idea for her last Tea Party.

Essential Oil to replace the harmful chemicals in air freshners.  After filling with my oil of choice, I plug it in and it lasts for days.

You know I utilize this site often when almost everything I do is questioned by my children, "did you get this idea from Pinterest?"  I just wanted to give credit where credit is due.  As we de-clutter and attempt to make our home more efficient, Pinterest has offered me numerous ideas and solutions.  

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  1. Love it myself. I found I am suddenly a creative person...ahem...or somebody on Pinterest is!