Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Did you notice the slight title change of my blog?  No, we are not expecting another baby (although we would joyfully welcome a new little life).  As of today, we officially have another member of our household - my mom has moved in with us.  We have been in transition for the past three weeks and are not all completely settled in yet.  Everyday we work a little more towards making our home her home too.

We are excited for her to be here with us, especially the kids.  In just a matter of days, my children lost two grandparents.  My mom is the only grandparent who they get to see daily.  That is a blessing.  So we gratefully welcome Grandma into our brood!  

Our Living Room/make-shift Bedroom
As our home is in transition, so are all of us.  Not so much because Grandma is here, but because our "spaces" have changed until we finish a few home projects and make room for all of our belongings.

Views of our kitchen
By evening, I welcome bedtime (for all of us!).  The end result is in sight and that makes me very excited and very happy.  In the meantime, we'll keep working hard to truly make our house a home.

May God’s peace be upon this house
That God has blessed us with
A home that reflects His awesome love
And the grace He freely gives

May it be a home with open doors
That welcomes strangers in
And makes them feel loved and accepted
Knowing that God dwells within

Our homes should be more than a house
Where we live day by day
It should be a place where God can reign
And precious memories are made

For as we establish in our home
The Lordship of Jesus Christ
We invite His presence to come and dwell
And fill each room inside

So as we continue to lift up the Lord
In every part of our lives
It’s then our home will reflect the faith
And hope we have in Christ

© By M.S.Lowndes

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