Saturday, February 18, 2012


The use of the term "Dude" has been introduced into our home.  I'm not sure who is responsible for this induction,  but its usage tends to get a bit out of control.  Honey Bunches is the biggest culprit.  He uses this term to express excitement and frustration.

A few nights ago, the kids were helping me clean up after supper.  The next set of instructions were to get their pajamas on and get ready for bed.  Honey Bunches was dragging his feet.  By the third time I had to ask him to get moving, my patience was running thin and my voice was beginning to raise.

Me:  Honey, I am not asking you again.  GET READY FOR BED!
Honey:  Dude!  O.K.!
Me:  Ahem (with raised eyebrows)
Honey:  Sorry Mom.  I'll go now.

The following morning, I had to go to the post office.  I happened to be by myself.  As I was sitting in my van, I noticed the same car drive by 3 times.  I heard myself say, "Dude.  What is up with that?"
Certainly not one of my finest moments. 

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