Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love and Forgiveness

Last night, Honey Bunches made his First Reconciliation.  It was a lovely celebration - Yes, I repeat,  CELEBRATION.  The concept of confession is often a difficult one for many - both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  I won't go into the Theology of the Sacrament today, but it is a beautiful, healing, and loving experience, made possible through Jesus Christ who is our spiritual physician.  After receiving the sacrament, I asked Honey Bunches how he felt.  He said, "I feel closer to Jesus."  True words of wisdom from a child.

We have also begun our Valentine Day countdown.  Once again, I took this idea from CatholicIcing, but altered it a little.  Here is the result:

The chains are in the shape of a heart, and each one contains a passage from Scripture containing the word "Love."  Each evening during supper, we remove a chain and read what is written.  It was simple and easy to make.

Lastly, here are a few kid-isms from the past couple of days. 

Monkey Toes:  Cucumber, do you want to come with me to get my hair cut?
Cucumber:  Um, dad?  Why are you going to get a haircut when you're bald on the top?

Monkey Toes left his belt on the changing table and Pumpkin asked, "Daddy left his seat belt here!"

Pumpkin has a rug burn by her eye that she keeps scratching.  Sweet Pea told her, "Pumpkin if you don't stop scratching it will blood and then you'll have a scarf."  Translation - if you don't stop scratching it will bleed and you'll have a scar.

I wake the kids up for school in the morning, and the boys usually get a bit irritated by my joyfulness so early in the day.  Friday morning I flipped the lights on and said, "Goooooooood Friday morning!"  Honey Bunches replied, "I think I like good Friday night a whole lot better."

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