Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Presidents and Snowman

The kids had Monday off of school due to President's Day.  Since my boys enjoy Presidential facts and trivia, I decided to plan a few activities around the holiday.

First off, we crafted George Washington.

Our final products.  I thought they were quite impressive!

There are only 5, as Sweet Potato was invited to a Birthday party for the afternoon.

We also made Red, White & Blue cupcakes.  They were Cherry Chip - with a dash of red food coloring, Cool Whip and blue sprinkles.  Honey Bunches suggested we sing a patriotic song before eating them.  America the Beautiful was the song of choice. 

Yesterday, we woke up to snow.  The first thing Sweet Pea asked when she looked out the window was, "Can we go outside and play?"  So we bundled up to frolic in the new fallen snow.  The girls wanted to build a snowman.  The consistency of the snow seemed right, but each time we tried to roll a ball, it fell apart.  So we decided to just mound up some snow and try to shape it.  As we were working on this, I made the comment, "who knew snow could be too sticky for a snowman?"  Cucumber replied, "Jesus knows."  Yeah, I guess He would know that.

Here is our little friend.

I thought it was really sweet as we were beginning to go back inside, Pumpkin ran back to the snowman and gave him a hug and said, "Goodbye snowman.  I love you!"  Honest emotions and simple joy.  Perfection.

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