Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Some sort of virus has taken up residence in our home.  In the past few weeks, we have had 4 pukers and one ear infection.  Then a day and a half ago, it struck both Monkey Toes and I.  To put is gently - it aint pretty.  All I can say is thank goodness we have amazing family near-by to help out.  My brother drove the kids to school yesterday morning.  My mom cared for the little ones while I slept most of the day.  Monkey's brother drove him home early from work.  Monkey was actually suppose to fly out to Charlotte for business last night, but had to cancel his trip.  My sister picked the kids up from school and brought over "nice-to-our-tummy" foods.  Although I feel much better today, I am still very tired and achy.  Hopefully by tomorrow we'll all be back to health.

When any of my girls are sick, one of the first things I do is tie back their hair.  Yesterday, Sweet Pea approached me while I was lying on the sofa with a hair binder in her hand.  She said, "I brought you this mommy.  Do you want me to tie your hair back?"  Even in sickness, my heart swelled with love.  Whenever Pumpkin saw me she stuck out her bottom lip and asked, "Mommy your sick, right?"  I would reply, "yes."  She would then moan, "Ohhh."  Cucumber made sure that I always had something to drink nearby.  My little ones were very good caretakers.

The weather has been unusually warm - 60s in March.  The little ones have been able to run off some energy outside, which is very  helpful while I'm recuperating.  It also poses a bit of a problem for the older ones, who would rather be outside than focusing on their homework.  Today was problematic, especially for Honey Bunches.  After struggling through 2 worksheets, all he had left to do was review his spelling words.  I could tell he was getting frustrated, but I told him we should "power through" and just get it all done.  As I was reading him his words I heard him mumble, "Bad A$$."  Horrified and shocked, I asked very sternly, "what did you say?"  He then turned his spelling paper around for me to see and said, "Bad Ess.  It looks more like a 5."  Apparently the virus has jeopardized my hearing as well!

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