Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bottled-Up Days

I've commented before about days I wish I could bottle up and place on my shelf.  Today was exactly that sort of day.  Our weekend Mass schedule has changed, which has prompted us to also change our Sunday routine.  Our parish can only offer one Sunday Mass at this time and it happens to be at 8:00 AM.  We decided to test the waters this morning.  Not only were the kids all ready on time (bathed, dressed, breakfast), but they were exceptionally good during Mass.  (In the last few weeks, a couple of different people have commented on my children's behavior during Mass.  I shared these comments with my kids, reinforcing that people notice them - whether good or bad, so they should always try to be their best).  After Mass, our KCs hosted a pancake breakfast.  Lucky me - a meal out with no cooking.  Yippee!!  (Our KCs wear red polo shirts when they're sponsoring an event and all during Mass whenever Cucumber saw one of the red shirts she would whisper, "There's one of the pancake guys!")  After breakfast, Monkey took the 3 oldest to get haircuts, while the 3 little ones and I came home to play games.  We played The Lady Bug Game, Candy Land, Go Fish, and UNO.  Once we were all back home together, all the kids laid out their sleeping bags in the living room and we watched Mulan and Up, while eating an enormous batch of popcorn. Naps were not enforced, but Pumpkin walked out of the room during Up.  We later found her asleep in Cucumber's bed.  After the movies, a heated game of Monopoly was played between me, Sweet Pototo and Grandma.  Grandma showed no mercy as she was victorious in bankrupting both of us.  For supper, we took out all of the leftovers from the week and the kids devoured them.  After a rambunctious game of Monkey in the Middle, we said our prayers and the kids headed off to bed. 

Today was basically a day of fun and relaxation.  It was family centered.  It was stress-free.  It was a great day that has me wanting many more just like this one.  What inspired me today was the realization that this is what my kids desire - mine and Monkey's time and attention.  We didn't have to spend any money or make any grandiose plans.  We simply spent our day with them, enjoying each other.  Yep - I want to bottle this day up, if for no other reason than to remind me of the preciousness of time; especially time spent with family.  

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