Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today was Gummi Bear's second piano recital of her "career."  She played Taco Fiesta.  I have to admit that I was a bit concerned the last few days, as her heart didn't really seem into playing this piece.  However, she proved me wrong with a job well done.  I found it quite endearing that she tilted her head as she played.  When she was finished, she flashed a humble, yet very sweet smile to the audience.  I choked back tears as I watched her.  (Have you figured out that I am a crier?  It takes very little to open the flood gates!)

Afterwards we wanted to celebrate.  We headed over to a local restaurant for dessert.

Gummi with a Turtle Sundae

Sweet Potato with Chocolate Lava Cake

Honey Bunches inspecting his Chocolate Sundae

Cucumber wasting no time in enjoying her Sundae

This evening we also began a Novena to St. Joseph.  Once again, here, inspired us with a downloadable pattern for this project.  A Novena traces its origins to when Jesus ascended into Heaven.  The apostles gathered in prayer for nine days.  Then, what we call Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended upon them.  So a Novena marks nine days of prayer.  We began the novena today so that its last day falls on the Feast of St. Joseph.

Gummi and I made the paper lilies.  Each evening as we gather for prayer, we remove one lily from the vase and lay it at the foot of St. Joseph.

In other news, Gummi has a very loose tooth.  I encouraged her to pull it out before bed, as I am fearful that she may wind up swallowing it.  Monkey Toes is certain that will not happen.  It is one of her front teeth that will be coming out.  I love a toothless grin on a child!  In all the excitement of loosing a tooth, Sweet Pea and Cucumber wanted in on the action.  They both declared tonight that they have "loosted tooths,"  and then proceeded to open their mouths as wide as they can.  It satisfied them when I looked and nodded and said, "wow, that is truly a loosted tooth!" 

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