Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just An Update

So here are the latest happenings in our  household.

Sweet Potato:  He is passionately following the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Everyday is another opportunity for him to study stats, fill out brackets and watch re-runs of games.  My sister-in-law asked me if I am as passionate about anything.  I really don't think I am.

Yesterday after school, I let the kids play at the playground for almost an hour.  Once we were all back in the van, a water-bottle was getting passed around to quench the thirst of my very parched youngsters.  When Sweet Potato took a drink, his gum became stuck and strung-out between his mouth and the rim of the bottle.  There was practically a revolt that took place next.  He was booed and hissed at by his siblings.  Cucumber shouted, "You are so gross!"  Poor Sweet Potato.  He truly means well, but it doesn't always translate in his actions.

Honey Bunches:  He is reading the series, "The Magic Tree House".  He reads them as fast as I can check them out from the library.  He reads before and after school in the van.  He reads before bed.  He reads when there are only a few minutes left before anything (supper, bedtime, going to church).  His reading has become infectious, as Gummi now wants to read the series as well.  He was overheard a few days ago telling his siblings, "That's old school."  Not sure what he was referring to, but he seemed to know what he was talking about.

Gummi Bear:  She is a piano practicing fiend.  Her next recital pieces are "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and "Over the Rainbow".  She loves playing these songs.  She also has a classmate who she likes to talk with on the phone.  Isn't this starting a little too young?  She asks permission to call her friend after school and they talk about 20 minutes.  As you can guess, when I ask her what they talked about, she replies, "nothing."  Oh boy!

Cucumber:  Cucumber probably should have been in school 3 years ago.  She starts Kindergarten in the fall, but she would gladly go today if I could send her.  Everyday she dances to whatever is on the radio and she works in her workbook.  She has become a bit bossy with her younger sisters, which has gotten her into some trouble.  It has gotten to the point where all I have to do is look at her and she knows she's being sent to her room.

Sweet Pea:  She cries.  Everyday she cries about something or someone, or some situation.  She does have fun, but it usually ends up in a tearful resolve.  Maybe it's because she's 3.  Maybe it's because she is the middle child of the younger 3.  Maybe it's because she is the smallest (in size) of all the children.  Whatever it is, I'm hoping this phase passes quickly.  She is such a sweetie and this dramatic expression can be trying at times.  She does cause me to smile, as she does this "new" thing.  She shuffles her feet - really fast- and then swings her arms like she is falling and then shouts, "whoa." 

Pumpkin Pie:  Pumpkin is loving this warmer weather.  She runs outside with boots on.  She runs outside with shoes on.  She runs outside when she claims she can't find anything to place on her feet.  She rides her tricycle, she draws with sidewalk chalk, she swings, she runs, she digs in the dirt.  The only time she wants to come into the house is when she is thirsty or terribly cold.  Last weekend at church, while we were sitting quietly before Mass began, I was thinking to myself how well behaved by kids were at this point.  Shortly after that thought, Pumpkin started singing, "Forget you and forget her too."  It's a Cee Lo Green song that she's picked up from Just Dance 3.  There must be some sanctifying grace in this!

Grandma:  She is busy planning a Seder meal for church during Holy Week.  She has been working hard on this project for a couple months.  There is a nice group of people coming and it should be a lovely evening.

As for Monkey, his busy travel season has begun.  For the time being, I'm a single parent just trying to hold down the home-front.  When I feel overwhelmed, I remember how grateful I am that he has a job and that it is one he actually likes.  He is a loving husband and father and he works really hard to support us spiritually and financially.  I am blessed.

So that's our family wrap-up.  Nothing too exciting to report, but that's just fine by me.  We are looking forward to Holy Week and the Easter Season.  The kids will have a few days off from school and we'll be getting together with family.  Again I say, we are blessed.

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