Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Family (According to Honey Bunches)

"Mom, in school we're working on describing things and I want to describe our family to you."

Here are Honey Bunches thoughts.

"Dad is a good drawer.  He plays drums really good.  He can build stuff and he's a really good dad.  Mom, you're a cook.  You do the laundry.  You help people and I think you're a good mom.  Sweet Potato is little whiny.  He's good at football.  He fights with me sometimes, but he's actually a pretty good brother.  Gummi Bear is so good at puzzles that we should call her Puzzle Master.  She plays Just Dance 3 with me and she's a good reader.  She's my favorite First Grader.  Cucumber likes Power Rangers and when she plays with me she doesn't injure herself very often.  She's a good sister.  Sweet Pea is a little cranky and crabby, but she likes to play with me, especially catch outside.  Pumpkin has a really cute smile and she likes to hug me.  I think she's my favorite sister."

There we have it.  Our family according to the insight of our Second Grader, Honey Bunches of Oats.

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