Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dance Craze

Dance Fever has taken command of our home!  Cucumber received Dance Party 3 for her birthday and my children have not stopped dancing since.  Yesterday was a day off from school and they danced for hours - I'm not exaggerating - literally they danced for HOURS.  I "played" with them for about 45 minutes and I had sweat rolling off of me.  I normally do not allow them to play video games at that length, but they were moving the entire time.  During quiet time, while the younger kids are napping, I allow the older ones to stay up and read.  They all wound up falling asleep.  Then after supper, they were back at it, swinging their arms, kicking their legs and shaking their hips.  This morning the older kids were planning their "play lists" for after homework later today.  I'll be putting my own dancing shoes on and joining in on the fun.  It's a great workout and it's a fun way for ALL of us to spend time together.  Bust a Move!

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