Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Gummi Bear and Cucumber spent 10 days camping with Monkey Toes sister and her family.  They traveled to Jellystone National Park in Wisconsin.  Gummi went with them last year, but the trip wasn't nearly as long.  I knew I was going to miss them, but the pros far outweighed the cons in allowing them to go.  The day they were returning, I was leaving for my college friend gathering.  I went almost 12 days without seeing my girls.  My heart was truly lonesome for them.  Someone asked me the question of how I could let my little ones go away for so long.  I really was o.k. with it because they were with family.  If it was anyone other than family, I probably wouldn't have even considered it.  Secondly, Monkey Toes and I know that we don't have the resources to give them that experience, so when the opportunity came to us, we knew they would have a wonderful and very memorable vacation.  And that they did.

Since we have been reunited, I have been on the receiving end of many hugs, kisses, and "I love you"s.  I have been very generous with these as well!  The girls impart with memories of their time away throughout the days.  Something will remind them of an experience and they begin to retell it - very excitedly.  It has left the boys with vacation envy.  We have a few surprises for all of them in the next couple of weeks which I have no doubt will level the playing field.  Until then, we'll just have to put up with a few pouts and "it's not fair"s. 

What I discovered in my girls absence, was the importance each of us plays in our family unit.  A few times I was hinted to that my days must have been a little easier with less kids.  Sure I had fewer to watch, but the family dynamics changed significantly and that was not so easy.  Gummi and Cucumber, although still very young, do much to help and round out our brood.  Have I mentioned before that Gummi loves to play with the babies in the morning and often has them dressed before I make an appearance?  Cucumber is Gummi's sidekick and definitely gives her opinion on wardrobe.  They are good helpers and excellent conversationalists.  Honey Bunches didn't know what to do when they were gone and he couldn't argue how right he was and how wrong they were (topic is really irrelevant here because the outcome is usually the same).  Sweet Potato even asked, "when are the girls coming home?"  I hinted to the idea that he must really miss them and he replied, "I miss them a little." 

So it is with a happy heart that I write this tonight, as my family is once again together and our chaotic life continues.  It is exactly where I want to be.  Honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way!

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