Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today was Pumpkin Pie's 18 month check-up.  No shots, just measurements, so I thought it would be a simple trip.  As we were pulling into the clinic's parking lot, I heard the wretched sound of "bleh."  As I looked in my review mirror, poor little Pumpkin was throwing up.  At first I thought it was just a little, but as I pulled her from the van, I realized she was sitting in most of it.  Now a few years ago, something like this would probably make me gag.  I really don't think I could have handled such a situation.  However, motherhood has catapulted me into the trenches of not only the occasional sick child, but the really gross and disgusting realities of childhood.  Take for instance my experience a few weeks ago. 

I went to our basement to check on the kids and found a "foreign" substance on the light switch.  At first I had hoped it was just chocolate, but upon further investigation, I realized it absolutely was not.  So frantically I began disinfecting every light switch in the house and pretty much every surface.   When I asked the kids "who dun it" I received six blank stares.  I was 0 for 6 in cooperation. 

Next, I needed to get the girls ready for a Tea Party at my sister's house.  They had to take a bath.  So as the 3 youngest were splashing in the tub, I was multi-tasking (a necessity for parents) by cleaning the bathroom.  Suddenly, one of the girls screamed.  As I looked down, I saw it.  I had a mystery Dooker on my hands.  So I quickly pulled the girls out and began disinfecting the tub.  As I busied myself with the task at hand, Pumpkin (in the buff) climbed onto the sink, trying to reach her toothbrush.  As a result, she pushed my potted Peace Lily over the edge and onto the floor.  I now had a mound of black soil to clean up.  At my wits end, I gave each girl a quick shower and told them to find something to do while I cleaned up the mess.  A few moments later, yet another scream from the girls room.  Sweet Pea had found a pencil and decided to use the vanity as her canvas.  This was nothing major, just an addition to the already mass chaos .

Our house and our kids are not ALWAYS like this, but we certainly have our days when we are tested.  I believe I have come a long way since having kids and handling the "surprises" that accompany them.  Their sticky fingers, peanut butter kisses, and snuggle time grace me with a short memory on the more challenging times.  So if having these little love bugs means a little poop and a little puke, well it will always be worth it! 

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