Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monkey Toes

I affectionately refer to my husband as Monkey Toes.  Early in our relationship I discovered that he can pinch - really hard - with his toes.  His whole family can pick things up with their feet.  Actually it's quite astounding.  So somewhere along the line, he has been nicknamed Monkey Toes.  One of my roommates in college and I had an idea once of opening up a coffee house and naming it Monkey Toes.  It was going to have an island motif - not island tacky, but island sophisticate (whatever that is).

Tonight, Monkey Toes is not feeling well, so here I am on my computer.  After running around all day with the kids and trying to keep up the house, I look forward to the evenings where Monkey & I can just sit and relax. Once the kids are in bed, we can actually have an adult conversation - truly a luxury.  But no matter what we do, whether sharing about our day or just simply watching t.v. together, I am thankful that I have my life to share with him. He is a loving husband, a fun dad, and a wonderful provider for our family.  He works hard, and as is evidence tonight, it often catches up with him.  I'm hoping sleep will remedy him.  So sleep well Monkey, feel better, and know that I love you!

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