Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Newest Addition

When Monkey Toes and I first got married, we each owned our own vehicles.  I was driving a Ford Focus and Monkey drove a Toyota Tacoma.  I grew up in a Ford loving family and Monkey did not. When my Dad learned that Monkey drove a Toyota, well he had to have a look at it himself. After walking around the Tacoma a time or two and kicking the tires, he quite honestly told Monkey, "This is a pretty good lookin' truck.  You just put ten Americans out of work, but it's a nice truck."  

When we brought Sweet Potato home from the hospital, we rode in the Focus.  A few, short months later, we discovered we were expecting Baby #2 and the Focus was starting to look a bit too cozy for our needs.  We then purchased a Ford Windstar.  I loved that van and it served us well until 2007 when the alternator went out while on our way to pre-school on the coldest day of the year.  We determined it was time for a newer and more reliable vehicle.  We then came home with a Honda Odyssey.  

You can imagine the horror my Dad was feeling.  

We have had this van for seven years.  Again, it is a vehicle that has served us well with one exception; it only seats seven.  Anywhere we have wanted to go as a family for the past 5 years, we have had to drive two vehicles.  For shorter trips, it wasn't bothersome.  However, there were a number of times when taking two vehicles hindered our decision to go places.  Much of our time is spent inside our vehicle and when we can't all be together, it means some are missing out on good conversation, crazy sing-a-longs, and simply, uninterrupted time together.   

Our van is a 2002 with 207,000 miles, and has a sliding passenger door that continually falls off its hinges.  It is truly lived in and holds many fond memories.  As much as the Odyssey has been a part of this family, the time has come to replace her.

Meet Honda Pilot.

She is a 2008, 8 passenger crossover and I love her.

We brought her home on Friday.  In a sporadic moment, Monkey Toes yelled to the Love Bugs at 7:30 pm, "Get your coats on.  We're going for a ride."  I think I had a smile on my face the entire 40 minute road trip.  

The kids are excited to have a "new" vehicle in the family as well.  They were giddy about riding in it to school today.  I was too, so much so that when I drove into the pick-up lane this afternoon and a few of the teachers commented on it, I got flustered and accidentally put on my wipers with a few splashes of washer fluid.

I am also enjoying the "new car" smell.  We were running a little behind schedule this morning and both Cucumber and Sweet Pea asked if they could finish their breakfast in the Pilot.  I told them no.  I would rather have them be a few minutes late for school than to eat in the new vehicle.  I know - that's an awful thing to say, but I just want to enjoy the cleanliness for a few more days before the newness wears off and she begins to looked lived-in.

So there you have it.  The simple pleasure of owning a vehicle where my entire family can ride together and create more fun, long lasting memories.

Oh, and Dad?  If you're looking down on us and shaking your head, well please know that the Pilot is exclusively manufactured in North America.  And I promise, that when my babies are grown, I will once again be a proud owner of a Ford :) 

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  1. Oooooo pretty! Congrats on the newest family member! How exciting! :)