Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lost Vocals

One week ago this morning, I woke up with no voice.  I have not been sick.  I have had no sore throat, no fever, no coughing; nada.  I just don't have a voice.  As a few have kidded, it must be from yelling too much at the Love Bugs.  As a result of no voice, I had to relinquish my lector responsibilities last weekend. I can't sing in the car (that's my own personal studio where I belt out my favorite songs), and I couldn't yell and cheer for my boys as they celebrated their first football victory.  I'm not a fan of these scratchy vocals.

At supper:

Honey Bunches:  I like the way you sound Mom.
Gummi:  Yea, me too.  Your voice makes you sound a lot younger.
Honey Bunches:  I think she sounds like Adele.
Sweet Pea:  Hey mom has a Dell computer.
Pumpkin:  I know A Farmer in the Dell.
Honey Bunches:  You girls Drive. Me. Crazy.

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