Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Buoyant Heart

Thursday night our boys had a football game, in which they celebrated their first win of the season.  It was a late game, getting us home after 9 pm (bedtime around here is 8-8:30).  Despite the late hour, the kids were bouncing around on adrenaline, not only because of their victory, but also in anticipation of their school marathon for non-public education the next day. Miraculously, everyone made it to bed before 10 pm.  It had been a fun night and all of us were looking forward to the next day.

Friday morning arrived.

We all crashed and burned.

There was fighting, crying, whining, pouting, searching for misplaced items, and more crying.  Then as we attempted to back out of our driveway (15 minutes late), one of the Love Bugs realized that she had forgotten her backpack in the house, which resulted in more fighting and crying. 

I yelled.

I was sarcastic.

I was not my best self.

In a not-so-soft-spoken nor warm-loving manner, I said, "One way or another, we are going to start our day with Jesus."  I played my Catholic Devotions CD the entire trip and demanded silence. 

We made it to school.

The Love Bugs jumped out of the Pilot and ran inside without even a glance back nor a little wave in my direction.

I sat in my vehicle, feeling very defeated.

I decided to surprise the Love Bugs by eating lunch with them that afternoon.  I had the opportunity to sit with each of them, whisper, "I'm sorry" and "I love you" in each of their ears, and then give them a little squeeze.  It was just enough redemption to help me get through the rest of the day.

As we were getting ready to leave for home after school, my friend Tina waved me down,  She had just purchased a sweet, little gratitude journal that she wanted to show me.  I liked the idea of it, but to be honest, I was thinking "I don't need that.  What I really need is a nap and a boat load of patience." (Sorry Tina!)  

Now lets jump ahead to this afternoon.  I decided I wanted/needed to go to Confession.  After my confession, Father shared some insights and scripture with me.  Then he said. . .

Father:  I think you should keep a Gratitude Journal.

Hold the phones and shut the front door!

Father:  A grateful heart is a buoyant heart.  In times of difficulty and trial and even resentment, a heart that is grateful will keep you afloat.  Journaling your gratitude will help you keep sight of your blessings.

After we left the church, I decided to get myself a pretty little journal. The girls picked this one out for me.

I will keep this on my nightstand as a reminder to take time to reflect on the day.  I know that I am blessed, but I think there is great value in writing down specifically that for which I am grateful and thankful.

Tonight I wrote:

1.  Monkey Toes
2.  Sweet Potato
3.  Honey Bunches
4.  Gummi Bear
5.  Cucumber
6.  Sweet Pea
7.  Pumpkin

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