Thursday, October 2, 2014

Holy Field Trip

For three years, I have accompanied the 4th Grade Class from my children's school on a Holy Field Trip to the Cathedral in our Diocese.  It is an event for Catholic elementary school children to see the Cathedral, spend time in Adoration and pray the Rosary with our Bishop.  Not only do we pray for the needs of our church and our world, but more specifically for the intentions of Families.  Of all the field trips the Love Bugs take, this is by far my favorite.

After the Benediction, our group walked down the street to spend some time with the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus.

We were given a tour of the convent and then were split into smaller groups to eat lunch with the sisters.  The kids were encouraged to ask lots of questions.  My favorite question came from a boy who asked, "Is being a nun fun?"  To which sister responded, "It is a blast!"  She expanded her thought by explaining that when we strive to become the person that God created us to be, then we will find joy, peace and happiness beyond our dreams.  These sisters are truly joy filled people, so much so that one can't help but smile when being in their presence.  Their joy is contagious.   One other remarkable fact is that Mother is only 35 years old.  The sisters presence within our Diocese is a blessing and treasure.  My hope is that when my own daughters discern their vocations in life, they will prayerfully consider the Handmaids.  You can learn more about them here.  Their website explains their Charism and also contains their daily schedule.

After our visit to the Handmaids, we walked the Way of the Cross and then made a quick trip to a park for the kids to burn off some energy for our trip back home.  It was a great day!

A few days ago, Monkey asked if I was giving up blogging.  The answer is no.  As we settle back into the routine of school and activities, I hope to be more mindful of recording our family life.  I may be a little slow in getting this up and running again, but life is happening everyday around us and there is much I want to remember.

Here is one little teaser.  Pumpkin is now in preschool.  Her class went to a nearby park last week.

Me:  How was your visit to the park?
Pumpkin:  It. Was. Awesome!  My favorite is the tater-totter.

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