Friday, October 3, 2014

Back To School

First Day of School 2014-2015

We are off and running with the new school year.  "Running" pretty accurately describes our lives.

Take into consideration that our summer was completely ours.  Other than a family reunion in early June and then one week of Vacation Bible School, the remainder of summer was spent lounging and playing, mixed with a little bit of work (Monkey Toes is the exception here, as he supported our lounging and playing by actually going to work).

We chose to not sign the Love Bugs up for any Summer Rec activities, which resulted in an almost non-existent schedule; pj's until lunchtime, afternoons at the lake and plenty of rest and relaxation. The boys spent a decent amount of time on the golf course and our yard was frequented by neighborhood kids looking for a pickup game of football.  Yeah, summer was pretty great.

Now, we are back to routine and schedules.  Our calendar looks like a pen exploded on it, when actually it is our list of activities and commitments.

As busy as our lives are, I have a very full and grateful heart.  I am thankful for healthy kids who love to be involved.  I am thankful for this often crazy life with a rock-star husband and great kids. Sometimes overbooked and often sleep deprived, I wouldn't trade this House of Eight for anything!

Sweet Potato - 6th Grade
Piano, Trumpet, School Patrol Captain, Football, Altar Server, Youth Group

Honey Bunches - 5th Grade
Guitar, Saxophone, School Patrol, Football, Altar Server, Youth Group
Gummi Bear - 4th Grade
Piano and Art Club
Cucumber - 2nd Grade
Piano (and an actress at heart)
Sweet Pea - 1st Grade
Loves school, reading, and crafting

First Day of School for Pumpkin - Pre-school


  1. I loved this! My favorites...pen exploded, rock-star and rip off 3 days a week!!! :)

    You are blessed!

    1. I would bet that your calendar looks similar to ours Tina!