Friday, May 3, 2013

Gummi's First Communion and May Crowning

Gummi made her First Holy Communion on April 28th.  I prayed for decent weather, as just a week before the kids had a snow-day from school.  The weekend turned out beautiful and we had 70 degree temps on Sunday.

This was a day that Gummi (actually all of us) had been anticipating for a long time.  Although our two boys have received this sacrament already, there was something different about the experience with my little girl.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but just that it was different (and different in a very good way!)

Silly graciously volunteered (or did I beg?) to do her hair.  I really should learn how to do hair, especially with four girls.

We arrived at the church early to take some pictures in the Sanctuary.  Here is Gummi with her Godparents: my sister and her husband.

Gummi and Grandma
The day was emotional for me.  Seeing Gummi so happy and excited filled my heart with such joy and blessing.  As she put her dress on and bent over to buckle her shoes, I wiped away a tear.  As she walked down the hallway from her room to make her grand entrance to the family, I swallowed back a lump in my throat.  As we approached the Table of the Lord, my eyes began to mist.  Once seated back in the pew, Gummi gave me a little hug and the tears flowed freely.

Gummi's preparation for First Communion was more than picking out her dress and finding the veil and shoes.  It was more than sending out the invitations and ordering the cake.  It was more than cleaning the house and planning a party.  Although all of those things were important and took the time and cooperation from many, they were just small steps leading up to the most important part of the day:  Gummi asking Jesus into her heart through the Eucharist.  It was about her expression of love towards Jesus and accepting the gift of His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity.  And the most beautiful part, is that she will continue to accept Jesus and renew her relationship with Him, each and every time she goes to Mass and receives the Eucharist.

Gummi looked lovely on Sunday, but not just because she is a pretty girl, but because she was transformed on April 28th.  There was a joy and a light present that only comes from Christ.  As Father said in his homily, "Let your outside appearance today reflect what is happening in your hearts and share that with all you meet."

We had a wonderful celebration at our home after Mass, which went late into the evening.  As Gummi took off her dress she commented, "do I ever get to wear my dress again?"  She quickly added, "I had a great day today mom and I feel really happy."  And then yet another tear was shed.

May Day

May began with the threat of a mix of rain and snow showers and cold temperatures.  We weren't going to let the forecast get us down, so Sweet Pea, Pumpkin and I decided to craft for May Day.

Tissue paper sun catchers
I love how the girls hand print/footprint flowers turned out.  It was a messy, messy project, but loads of fun.  

Later that day, our church was hosting a parish picnic (held indoors due to the weather), with the evening beginning with a May Crowning and Living Rosary.  May is a month dedicated to our Blessed Mother.

The First Communicants were invited to process forward with roses to make a bouquet.  Gummi was able to wear her dress one more time.

Following the crowning, we gathered to pray the Rosary.  As each person took a turn reciting a prayer, their candle was lit.  The lights were dimmed and it was lovely to see how the light increased as we progressed with the Rosary.

After a delicious Filipino meal, we returned home with full tummies, feeling very blessed.  May is off to a great start and we're looking forward to warmer weather, longer, leisurely days, and time to simply be together.  Happy Spring!

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